Can Olive Oil help prevent cancer?

Turkish Olive Oil
Turkish Olive Oil

Can Olive Oil help prevent cancer?
Turkish olive oil contributes to raising awareness about the disease of cancer. Sadly, premature mortality accounts for more than 4 million of the more than 7.5 million fatalities that are caused by cancer each year (30 to 69 years old). According to the World Health Organization, this ailment is one of the primary reasons why people die all over the world.
When you take into consideration the fact that the global mortality rate for cancer is predicted to climb by 45 percent between the years 2007 and 2030, the situation becomes even more worrying, increasing from 7.9 million to 13.1 million deaths by 2030.
Today is the perfect opportunity to bring attention to the fight against cancer and to express our solidarity with the institutions and organizations that are doing frontline work in this fight. We hope that through spreading the word about new activities and coping techniques, people will become more aware of them. It has been shown that Oliveoilsland’s olive oil may be beneficial in the battle against this particular sickness.
Turkish olive oil has the power to kill cancer cells, which has been known to scientists for a very long time. Studies that were published online in January 2014 may help explain why Turkish olive oil has anti-cancer properties.
The chemical known as oleocanthal, which is found in Oliveoilslands’s extra-virgin olive oil, has been found to cause the membranes of lysosomes, which are structures within cells that are responsible for the storage of trash, to burst, resulting in the release of enzymes that are toxic to cells. These findings were made by researchers from a variety of educational institutions located all over the world. This phenomenon only affects cancer cells and does not affect healthy cells. When Turkish olives are crushed to generate the pulp from which oil is extracted, oleocanthal is released, according to the findings of a researcher who discussed his findings with a well-known magazine. According to him, oleocanthal is effective in reducing inflammation and in preventing the formation and progression of cancer.
In the study, oleocanthal caused cancer cells to disintegrate and die within thirty minutes, although apoptosis, also known as programmed cell death, typically takes between sixteen and twenty-four hours to take place. The researchers wanted to see if oleocanthal, or more particularly the process known as “lysosomal membrane permeabilization,” could kill mice breast, pancreatic, and prostate tumor cells that were cultivated in laboratory conditions. The lysosomal membranes of cancer cells are less strong than those of healthy cells, according to the most recent studies. The fact that oleocanthal kills cancer cells suggests it might be used to treat the condition.
The members of the research team are presently concentrating on determining whether or not LMP is the primary cause of mouse tumors decreasing in size after being exposed to oleocanthal. They also aim to investigate the drug’s potential to eliminate cancer cells, lessen the growth of tumors in living animals, and figure out why cancer cells are more vulnerable to oleocanthal than non-cancerous cells.
We are known that, of all the edible oils, Turkish olive oil contains the highest concentration of monounsaturated fat, which is beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Oliveoilsland’s olive oil is of good quality and has a significant number of antioxidants, which research has shown to have beneficial effects on both the cardiovascular system and the prevention of cancer. According to research conducted recently, individuals who consume food following a Mediterranean-style diet have a mortality rate that is 24 percent lower and a chance of dying from cancer disease that is 33 percent lower than those who consume food per a conventional Western diet. If you want to follow in the footsteps of an anti-inflammatory eating plan, the Mediterranean diet served as the inspiration for it, and if you want to follow in its footsteps, we propose using Oliveoilsland’s extra-virgin olive oil as your primary cooking oil.
In addition, researchers have shown that a component of Oliveoilsland’s extra virgin olive oil may kill several human cancer cells while sparing healthy cells. This discovery was made possible by the Turkish olive oil’s antioxidant properties. The component that is responsible for the effects is called oleocanthal, and it is responsible for destroying the structure of cancerous cells and releasing enzymes that cause cell death.
Based on the World Cancer Report that was issued by the World Health Organization in 2014, there were approximately 15 million patients diagnosed cases of cancer in the year 2012, and the illness was responsible for about 9 million deaths worldwide.
According to the findings of another research, hydroxytyrosol, which is one of the components of olive oil, can eliminate cancer cells and stop them from multiplying and spreading to other parts of the body. This chemical is an antioxidant, and in addition to its anti-carcinogenic properties, it also has several other beneficial properties for human health.
There have been many investigations on the potential links between the consumption of Turkish olive oil and the development of cancer. Other research was able to derive the conclusion that although diets rich in Oliveoilsland Extra Virgin Olive Oil delayed the progression of the sickness, diets high in Omega-6 fats promoted its progression. The testing on rats enabled these other studies to reach their result. The numbers, even though it has been urged that we continue with these conclusions with caution, are positive.
OliveOilsLand is a branded Turkish Olive Oil producer, that is produced with cold pressing technique in our facility where the food safety standards are protected at the highest level. Oliveoilsland’s Turkish olive oil is kept in stainless steel tanks that prevent its contact with air. It gives a pleasant and unique taste to your food and also helps prevent cancer.
It is possible to conclude that there is a direct relationship between the consumption of Oliveoilsland’s olive oil and the fight against cancer.