OliveOilsLand Offers a Wide Range of Quality Turkish Olive Oils

OliveOilsLand merges cultural history and personal experiences when creating Turkish olive oil.

OliveOilsLand is a company that knows a thing or two about what makes the best olive oil. Its initiative is not a trendy marketing tactic but rooted in both the cultural and personal histories of people who stand behind the brand. Having the Turkish olive oil be known across the world as it deserves to be known – a product of exceptional quality, with highly characteristic flavor and aroma, a trustworthy source of healthy fats, and last but certainly not least in any manner, simply a tasty product that can easily elevate any dish – is as much a personal mission for people behind, as cultural one.

Olive oil, after all, was born on the Aegean Sea coast of Anatolia. Modern Turkish olive oil is a product with a 6,000-year-long legacy and the stakes of carrying such a legacy are always high. OliveOilsLand understands that Turkish olive oil is a product that’s representative of history and culture at large.

But it’s not just cultural pride that’s at stake at OliveOilsLand. There’s a personal story behind the name, one that spans over six decades, beginning in the 1960s. The company was started by an immigrant family, after moving from Scopje in Northern Macedonia to Turkey’s Akhisar region. Akhisar region is among the best-known and most prolific in Turkish oil production. It served as a teacher for all the lessons one needs to learn about making olive oil.

Soon after the family moved to Izmir, but took the lessons learned, and continued producing olive oil. Today, OliveOilsLand is one of the largest producers of Turkish olive oil, harvesting olives on multiple farms across Northern Izmir, by the coast of the Aegean Sea.

But the principles they follow are still the same, from Akhisar’s teaching of what makes the best Turkish olive oil.

And what makes the best Turkish olive oil are olives grown by people who’ve known this work for generations, pressed by traditional methods – to create the product that survived millennia, one of great taste and great health benefits.

It’s no accident that the motto of OliveOilsLand is ”From Aegean For Your Health.” The company, after all, has the ambition of producing the best Turkish olive oil on the market. And the best Turkish oil not only tastes great but is nutritious, and rich in vitamins and polyphenols.

Using Turkish Olive Oil

There’s a particular focus on the high content of polyphenols in Turkish olive oil, as polyphenol content is one of the biggest benefits that come from using olive oil in the diet. Polyphenols (not all, but many of them) work as antioxidants neutralizing the harmful free radicals, and thus neutralizing potential damage to the cells.

Adding olive oil to one’s cooking is often recommended as a preventative for conditions like cognitive deterioration, cardiovascular diseases, and even some forms of cancer. Turkish olive oil, traditionally high in polyphenols, is ideally suited for the job.

What OliveOilsLand Offers Customers:

OliveOilsLand carries a wide range of high-quality Turkish olive oils. The range lends itself to covering existing demand in olive oils, as well as offering prospective clients new options they might want to try out down the line. They can easily choose the one that fits their needs the best, depending on the specifics.

All OliveOilsland branded oils are fully natural products, made via traditional cold pressing technique, in stainless steel tanks and controlled contact with air. It’s a combination that plays a critical role in forming the final flavor profile of each product, adding a noticeably unique note that makes Turkish olive oil especially pleasant to the palate.

Once the olive oil has been pressed, it’s bottled and secured away from light and oxygen, to preserve both its flavor and the high vitamin and polyphenol content, ensuring that the product the clients get is as rich as the day it was pressed.

Introducing the series:

OliveOilsLand’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil aims to showcase quality among Turkish olive oils. It has a complex aroma with notes of freshly mown grass, almonds, green apples, tomato stems, etc. Its flavor is medium-intense, somewhat harsh with bitter notes of almonds and green olives, and the zestiness of black pepper.

OliveOilsLand’s Virgin Olive Oil shares all the best qualities of the EVOO. It has a similarly complex aroma with notes of grass, almonds, and fig leaves. Its flavor is just as distinct, with unique notes. But this product is balmier on the palate, with flavors smoother and sweeter, the aroma softer, and pepperiness gentler.

OliveOilsLand’s Organic Certified Olive Oil is the one for particularly environmentally conscious consumers who care about food sustainability. This olive oil shares all the best flavor and aroma characteristics with classic OliveOilsLand products, but is produced exclusively from olives harvested without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

OliveOilsLand’s Pomace Olive Oil is for those who prefer using olive oil in cooking. Pomace Olive Oil is a low-acid olive oil with a milder aroma and multi-faceted, layered flavor, bringing all the best Turkish olive oil has to offer to the dishes.

OliveOilsLand’s Pure Olive Oil is another one for cooking, not drizzling. This low-acid oil with a mild aroma and subtle, fresh flavor helps to add a special note to the dish, without overwhelming the main ingredients.

OliveOilsLand’s Flavored (Infused) Olive Oil is made using the Agrumato method – crashing whole fresh fruits, herbs, or vegetables along with olives during the milling process. Mature green olives are handpicked and pressed the same day resulting in premium-quality extra virgin olive oil with a well-balanced, buttery flavor, and further enriched with other ingredients.Currently, there are four infused varieties in the line, enriched with Goziantep pepper, Kastamanu garlic, Marsin lemon, and fresh rosemary, respectively.

All quality control activities on OliveOilsLand’s production territories are planned and developed in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. It ensures that all the steps of oil production are under close inspection and properly follow the directives